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Meet corina

Corina Spanu is an Ann Arbor, MI based artist with Romanian roots. Her first drawing was a traced brass key at the ripe age of 2, which shocked her godmother. Soon traced cartoons became quick sketches of friends and family. 

Corina received formal training at the University of Virginia, while completing a chemistry major and a minor in fine art.


Now, she splits her time between making sure kiddos receive safe and effective care at Mott Children's Hospital by day and capturing fun memories of puppies, people and homes by night. 


She draws inspiration from those surrounding her, travels and of course man's best friend. Rediscover the magic of the simple things in life that bring you happiness.



Media: Corina loves all media, but favors quick graphite and pen sketches when in class, at lunch and in busy airports. She masters acrylics especially when it comes to Christmas ornaments, and has recently given oil portraits another chance. Check out some of the other artwork featuring alcohol based markers and some of the digital portraits like the one on the left!