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I clicked "buy" on an ornament, now what?

Selecting an item to purchase allows me to grab the materials i need for a project, and prepare my space for the order. 

Next steps would be to go to "about" and fill out an order form with details about the custom portrait you wish and a back story!

What's the turnaround time?

I complete orders in a week's time, and may take up to an additional 7-10 business days to ship out, unless otherwise mentioned in communications. Orders before winter holidays must be submitted by Nov 1 for guaranteed arrival by Christmas. 

What if it's not what I expected?

You will receive a draft/sketch about half way through the project. If there are major concerns you'll be able to communicate these before completion. The portfolio is available at your convenience to browse my style of painting and drawing. I haven't had a return ever, so I'm fairly confident we can work together on making a product you'll love and cherish for years!

Other FAQ

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If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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